53 Hour Battery Life on HTC one-M9 after Android 6 Upgrade!

A few days ago I wrote the post:  “Wow!! 48 Hours Of Battery…”.  To summarize, I discuss the vastly improved battery life on my phone after upgrading to Android 6.  When I wrote that article my phone had been on for one day.  I estimated at the time that the phone should have last me until at least 6pm the next day.

Onto the next day.  The discharge curve indeed held and the phone lasted until about 6:40pm, which was 10 minutes short of 53 hours.  I did allow the phone to go into energy saver mode at 15%.  I would also note that I believe I used the phone more often on the second day, making the battery life even more impressive.

I suppose none of that sounds impressive compared to some other phones.  My HTC one-M9 seems to use a lot of power, and not having to charge it every day is a fantastic new feature.

The people at Google deserve some real credit for this improvement.  If every phone that upgrades gets similar battery life improvement – then the people at Google have saved the world literally millions of dollars.  Numerous internet sources state that over 1 billion Android devices shipped in 2014.  I’m not sure how that number is broken down between tablets and phones, so lets just say 500 million phones.  Now lets do some math:

500,000,000 Devices
* $0.50 US to charge per year (approx)
= $250,000,000 per year
– 1/2 = $125,000,000 – PER YEAR

To be clear, I’m far more excited about charging my phone less/having more power when I need it than I am with the cost savings.  Since the actual charging cost is so nominal I can’t imagine it being an issue for anyone.  However, we live in a day and age where people worry about pulling their charger out of the wall to save the same 50 cents per year (or rather to be green and save the electricity which is the more valuable commodity).  Which is awesome too.

Anyway, great work Google, thanks so much!!

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