Dragon Touch Y88X 7″ Quad Core Tablet – A Fun Tech Toy for just $36

I’ve sort of been in the market to find a new tablet since our daughter destroyed our LG G Pad 7.  Somehow she broke the screen but not the glass, lol.  I say sort of looking since we didn’t really use the G Pad that often and I wasn’t entirely sure we actually needed one.  What am I saying, I’m sure we don’t actually need one at all.  The LG was mostly brought along on trips, and even then mostly just to play movies for the kids in the car.  I tried playing some games on the thing, but perhaps I’m too old to game on touch screen systems.

After the fate of the G Pad I decided that something cheap would be best.  Not that the G Pad 7 was expensive, I believe it was $100 when it was new.  After some looking about I found the Dragon Touch Y88X tablet.



CPU Processor:  Allwinner Quad Core A33, 4×1.2 GHz processor
GPU:  Quad Core
Operating System:  Google Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Screen Size & Resolution:  7 Inch Multi-Touch screen 1024x600HD
Touch Screen:  5 Point Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen
RAM:  512MB DDR3
Nand Flash:  8GB Storage, expandable up to 32Gb Micro SD/TF support
Dual Camera:  Front facing 2.0MP, Rear 2.0MP
Built-in Loud speakers & Microphone
Wireless:  Support WiFi (Built-in 802.11b/g/n)
3G Supported (3G Dongle Not Included in Package)
AC Power Adaptor:  Input AC110- 240V, 50-60Hz, Output 5V 2A
Battery Pack:  3.7V Build-in 4500mAh Lithiu Battery
Dimensions:  7.1 x 4.8 x 0.3 inches
G Sensor:  4 Direction Gravity Sensing
I/O Ports:  1 x Micro USB; 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack; 1 x TF/MicroSD card slot

First Impressions:

Though it shipped fairly fast it took about 4 days to get here.  At the same time I purchased a thick rubberized self standing case branded “Fintie CaseBot Kiddie”.  Sadly for us the case arrived two days earlier than the tablet.  Upon unpacking the tablet everything seemed a little better than I had expected.  For $36 bucks I wasn’t expecting such a premium box.  I’m sure the idea is to leave a good first impression.  This tablet comes with a DC power adapter but strangely it has a 2mm-ish end instead of a USB cable.  Fortunately the tablet can be charged via the USB – so the included charger seems of little use.  I mean, if were travelling somewhere I’m not going to bring a special charger for the tablet when it can use the same charger my phone uses.  Back to the tablet itself.  I was excited to power the device on, however the protective plastic on the screen stated I needed to charge the device for 10 hours before first use…  At the very least I got to see a cool green battery icon for a few seconds.

I like the flat finish of the tablet it has a nice feel.  We did get the pink version as it was intended to be mostly for our daughter.  The tablet itself seems to have a little flex to it if you twist it at the ends but is otherwise pretty sturdy.  I wonder if this tablet could have been a little thinner.  When I push in on the back of the device it seems that I can push the back cover in at least 1mm around most of the center of the tablet.  It could be that other versions use that extra space.

Another thing I found interesting was that this tablet already had a screen protector installed.  That seems pretty impressive, I’ve never seen a tablet or cell phone come like that before.  It was a really nice when you consider my daughter immediately got the screen dirty and even scratched up the screen protector (not that she would have necessarily actually scratched the glass, but better safe than sorry I suppose).

Warp Power Now Sir:

Okay, well not exactly warp power but the tablet boots up in about 35 seconds.  Which doesn’t seem too shabby really.  With just the stock apps installed the tablet seems pretty snappy.  The OS is Android version 4.4 so it is a bit dated in that respect.  I may look into upgrading the version at some point, mainly for any possible battery/power savings.  Though I wonder if Android 4.4 was picked deliberately because it is older and this device only has 512MB RAM.  I installed ES File Browser for access to our Samba share as well as VLC to watch some media.  Everything went smoothly and we were able to stream over our network seamlessly.  I did lose connection a few times, but this could be mostly related to the location of our wireless access point and my distance from said access point.  I did some streaming from youtube as well, however no videos had the option to try quality settings higher than 360p.  I might guess that is due to the youtube app version.  Regardless, the videos played just fine.

Sound and Picture:

While I can praise the Y88X for numerous things, audio quality is not one of them.  The onboard speaker has the typical small speaker sound, and worse yet is rear facing.  I just can’t understand why any tablet maker would make rear facing speakers.  The screen is decent but nothing special.  The image itself has somewhat of a grainy effect that shifts as you look at the screen from different angles.  When watching videos this is fine, however it does seem a little fuzzy when working with smaller text.


On our Y88X I have noticed that the screen seems a little too touch happy.  It will often launch an app before I realize.  Some of that could be my own clumsiness with a larger hand held device.  But still, it does seem like the top left half of the screen touches too easily.


The battery is alright.  Sometimes it appears to drain very fast, while other times it will seemingly sit at a number for hours.  We have gotten a least 3 hours of screen on time per charge.  I think that is pretty good as well.



As I mentioned earlier, I purchased this Fintie CaseBot Kiddie case for the tablet.  I really like the case, it is easy to install and use.  The foam is pretty tough and it seems like it will hold up pretty well over time as well as protect the device fairly well.  The online vendor I purchased mine from had magenta listed as the color, but the stock photos (as shown just above) showed hot pink.  I was a little disappointed that the tablet doesn’t match the case exactly but whatever, I guess it looks okay.  One part I am worried about is the top right section of the case.  It is a thin slice of material that has to be left mostly open to accommodate the power button, dc power jack and usb port.  However, the size of the opening is about twice as long as needed.


I also installed a Lexar 16GB micro SD card.  I had just purchased this card for a different project and didn’t end up needing it.  Just $7 at my local corporate giant office store.  The Y88X supports a maximum 32GB micro SD card.

So, Final Thoughts?


Overall I love the device.  For the price, it is hard to beat, we paid a total of $50 for the tablet and the case.

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